Work with Me

Work with Me

Light that fire again.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to be an awesome mom. Hell, you are pretty sure you are, but the doubt creeps in too often lately.
  • You’re so busy being an awesome mom that you don’t know when the last time was that you did something awesome for yourself.
  • Even if you wanted to, you don’t have time for yourself.
  • And even if you had the time, you feel guilty for even thinking about it.
  • When you think about who you were, or who you dream of being, it all seems too big or out of reach.
  • You think–you’re a mom now, what are you doing dreaming about this stuff?
  • Since becoming a mom, you have some “mom friends” to talk to, but you haven’t really opened up for a while.
  • You feel like you need an ear to listen to you vent, whine, or talk about what’s really going on in your head.
  • You want to talk to someone who gets you.
  • You would feel like life was perfect if you could just figure out what that image of perfection was.

I can help you stop missing out on life, whether it’s exploring a specific challenge you’re facing in your quest to feel like a normal human after becoming a mom, or helping you with the general “holy shit, how did I end up here” stuff.

I will:

  • listen to you.
  • be like your BFF and boot camp butt kicker at the same time.
  • work with you to help you figure out who it even is you want to be.
  • guide you through creating and achieving specific action steps to help you investigate, transform, and grow.
  • help you find more time to work on yourself, reconnect with yourself and be good to yourself.
  • ensure that the options I give you work with your life as a busy mom.
  • help you work through guilt or resistance.
  • encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone.
  • hold you accountable for your own transformation.
  • probably swear sometimes.

I will not:

  • discuss the benefits and disadvantages of different parenting methods with you. (But for a really great parenting coach, check out The Parenting Skill)
  • judge you.
  • expect you to take time out of your day as a mom to connect with yourself. This transformation has to work within motherhood, not outside of it. (That said, we will find pockets of “me” time within your already crazy schedule.)
  • give you vague ideas that you’ve heard before. I will give you specific, actionable steps that you can take on a daily basis. Some of them might even seem crazy. They will work.

Programs (How To Work With Me)

My coaching, connection and guidance programs at Make Your Perfect are designed for the busy mom. They’re all about connecting with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. Begin your metamorphosis now.

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