About Make Your Perfect

Make Your Perfect is a place where moms can hang. We know there’s more to you than just wiping butts, so we’ve created a little getaway for you. While you’re here, you can escape or you can work on yourself. You can connect with other moms or you can connect with the real you.

Make Your Life the Best Version of Perfect

  • Create space for yourself.
  • Give yourself the love and time that you deserve.
  • Unlock your patience.
  • Discover your true passions and dreams and live them every day.
  • Connect with people who get you. Make Your Perfect is a place to help moms connect.

What we are NOT

Make Your Perfect is NOT a parenting website. We are not here to give you parenting advice.

You’re not going to find a cute mom here hinting that you should be taking perfect photographs of amazing recipes, creating crafty art with your kids, and touting the top 3 ways to be nicer to your kids. Instead, you’ll find a relatable voice that will guide you as you flow into who you already are and who you are working to become.

I am not perfect. Nor will you be. Nor should you be.

Along your journey as a woman, you are finding your groove. You are finding your way into your version of perfect. You are making your {life, motherhood, friendships, relationships, self} perfect for you.

Sounds Good? How to Work with Me

About Me

My name is Gaby. I’m a quirky lady. And I’m a whole bunch of other things besides a mom. And when I work on that, things are pretty perfect (except when they’re not, of course).

Here are some things you might not know about me:

Gaby Merediz Life Coach for Moms

I know you lock yourself in the bathroom with your phone. I know that you used to tell yourself you wanted an hour to yourself but now you could use a year. And how about the guilt? Oh, the guilt! No matter what you do, you might as well be throwing the letters G-M-O in your kid’s mouth and handing your future little criminal over to the feds, because that’s how “perfect” you feel you are.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I have been a Lamaze coach for five years and a life coach for four. I’ve been a mom for seven years. I’ve been working with moms to take those baby steps to empower themselves. You have choices. You have an important, valuable life. You deserve happiness.

But are you tired of all those people telling you to just take a break? Put your kids in preschool, hire a babysitter, go out for a girl’s night…. that’s not always possible as a mom. And it doesn’t always fix what’s broken.

And when you try to explain that, whether it’s to your friends, your mother, your spouse, or even to yourself… it can be hard to really be honest. That’s where I come in. I get it. I get you.

Now, moms from all over can hang with me and other moms like you at MakeYourPerfect.com.