About Make Your Perfect

I started Make Your Perfect as a community for mothers to get out of survival mode and find the time and space to embrace life. It has exploded into a space for all women to fully express their power.

Make Your Life the Best Version of Perfect

  • Create space for yourself.
  • Give yourself the love and time that you deserve.
  • Unlock your power and magic.
  • Discover your true passions and dreams and live them every day.
  • Connect with people who get you.

What does Make Your Perfect Mean?

I am not perfect. Nor should you be.

Along your journey as a woman, you are finding your groove. You are finding your way into your version of perfect. You are making your {life, motherhood, friendships, relationships, self} perfect for YOU.

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About Me

My name is Gaby. I’m a quirky lady. And I’m also a professional artist and writer, mother and facilitator of the feminine. I work with women to create a safe space in which they can unleash their wild, feminine, wholeness.

Before I was everything else, I was an artist.

Creating art isn’t just about putting a pencil on paper. It’s the way that I receive and translate messages from the universe. It’s the way I use my “sixth sense” to see the world more deeply. It’s an outlet for me to fully express who I am. Because sometimes there are no words.

The incredible thing about art is that the message is never “complete.” The artwork is infused with intention when I create it, and then it changes as it’s viewed from person to person.

You can access your own full expression by working with my art. Order a custom piece for yourself or lose yourself in one of the works that I’ve already created.

Here’s a little more about me:

mom body image

Approximately 12 years after studying Studio Art, Psychology and Communication at Vanderbilt University, I had my second child, quit my office job, and started working as a Lamaze instructor. After having children, it became my mission to empower expectant mothers to step into their power and sensation during birth and into motherhood. In 2012, I started a community playspace where mothers could bring their children and relax while their kids got created. It was there that I realized my real passion was in helping women, not children, access their wholeness through creativity.

I launched Make Your Perfect in 2016 to create a community for mothers and provide resources for them to take baby steps toward living their fullest lives–even if they are swamped in motherhood. In 2018, I expanded Make Your Perfect to include all women.

I created this community because I was tired of all of the “experts” telling me to just take a break. As a busy mom with my own business, I didn’t have time to just go on retreat whenever I was feeling overwhelmed. Plus, escaping didn’t always fix what was broken. Believe me, I tried to follow all of the self-help gurus who touted different practices to help me find my power as a woman and as a mother. Adding more to my plate wasn’t making me feel more alive.

What was it that really needed to change? It was the disconnect that I’d grown comfortable with. The numbness that I’d created in myself as I wiped away my desires, interests and personality in favor of taking care of the kids and running a household and a business.

I started following and developing my own practices to bring in my light, touch base with my own energy, recognize my value and express myself completely openly, unhinged, creatively. I began tapping into my pleasure instead of just feeling content because things were going relatively smooth.

I opened a doorway to complete bliss, and I facilitate that for other women with my offerings and services in Make Your Perfect.

When you try to explain that you’re life isn’t quite as meaningful, fulfilled, peaceful or blissful as you’d like, whether it’s to your friends, your mother, your spouse, or even to yourself… it can be hard to really be honest. It can be hard to put what you’re feeling into words. That’s where I come in. I get it. I get you.

Some things you might not know about me:

  • I swear. A lot. (But you probably already knew that).
  • I play the fiddle and have dreams of jamming out at a music festival.
  • One of my favorite places in the world is Shakori Hills, a bi-annual music festival in North Carolina.
  • I worked as a professional artist painting portraits and murals after college.
  • I spoke Spanish before I spoke English.
  • I am a TERRIBLE dancer (but I would like to say that I’m a pretty graceful hoop dancer).
  • I have a very loud voice. I can’t even whisper quietly. I don’t apologize for it.