Group Coaching

Want coaching, connection, and guidance with the support of a village?

Join the Powerhouse Collective.

The Powerhouse Collective is like a secret society that allows you to get all the bootcamp butt kicking, inspiration, and insight I offer as a coach as well as the guidance and affirmations from the other women in the group.

Your dreams are real. Even if you’ve forgotten what they are.

What better than to surround yourself with other women seeking the same kind of clarity as you?

Community is the space that lives between isolation and total connection. Whether you long to reconnect with yourself or connect better with women who are also driven to create more space for meaning in their lives, you can’t do it without the transformative help of community.

Intrigued? Contact me with any questions or enter your email address and first name below to join the group.

You’ll receive an initial email asking you to confirm that you really want this. Trust me, you do. Once you reply to the confirmation email, you’ll receive another email with a link to the group and more info.

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As a member, you get all this:

  • A whole lot of people who believe in you to help you envision and reach even the dreams that seem unreachable.
  • A place to share your insecurities, get feedback, and work on your growth.
  • Group coaching, prompts to help you grow, activities to inspire you, and the support of the village.
  • Personalized accountability. I’ll check up on you to help you achieve your goals.
  • All conducted in a closed, intimate Facebook group setting.

But I’m part of a local mom’s group. I have community.

That’s awesome! That means you have taken a major step and have some support. This group is a little different though. Because it’s filled with people who get you. Because most other mommy groups online are there for parenting advice or venting (both valuable support options, but there’s a limit to how much of that is constructive). Because most coaching groups online are either directed at other coaches or entrepreneurs, or they don’t take into account a mom’s busy lifestyle.

I always feel awkward getting to know new people.

This group will always feel small and intimate, and I’ll be encouraging connections, even pairing you up to work on your stuff. I will periodically remove members who aren’t actively posting, just so we can feel totally comfortable opening up and supporting each other.

How much does it cost?

The Powerhouse Collective is FREE!

What’s the commitment factor?

It’s totally up to you, but the more you engage, the more change you’ll see in your life. It’s easy to commit because you don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time; you can join us in your pajamas; you can work on yourself with your kids around.

I’m ready. How do I join?

Just fill out the info below and you’ll be on your way to sanity.

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