1 on 1 UNcoaching

So you’re probably wondering what UNcoaching is. I could throw out a whole bunch of big, vacant words at you, like: holistic facilitation, visionary art, intuitive healing. But they sound kind of vague. What can really happen when we get together?

I’ve tried to pin down my one-sentence explanation, my elevator pitch, if you will, for years. And I can’t. Because it’s different for everybody who works with me. I bring my background and experience in psychology, art, writing and the healing arts into a container that we build and explore together.


In a 1-on-1 immersive UNcoaching session, we might experiment with/explore some of the following themes:

  • Finding the right rituals and practices for your desires and lifestyle
  • How to get in tune with your subconscious desires
  • Bringing out the pleasure in your life
  • Tapping into your inner and outer senses
  • Celebrating the yoni/womb space/divine feminine

We will start out each session by creating sacred space, and we will discuss, share, counsel, experiment, explore, and express.

We might do exercises such as:

  • Visioning work
  • Creating visual art
  • Hoop dancing or hoop meditation
  • Movement
  • Creative writing, journaling, intuitive writing
  • Meditation

Honestly, we might just shake our bodies and sing to the heavens.


What I know for sure is that I work with radiant, intuitive women.

They don’t always know that they’re powerful, radiant and intuitive when they start. But that’s how they end up.





That’s who they’ve always been, but they haven’t always seen this part of themselves.

So I guess I’m a matchmaker. I introduce you to the divine feminine within you. And then I help you hang out with her, hold space for her, and watch her soar.

Contact me for a free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation to find out more about what’s possible for you.