Original Art, Prints and Custom Portraits


Wouldn’t it be refreshing to embrace all that you are without giving a fuck about trying so hard?

When you are your own person, when you confidently see yourself and allow your own authenticity to radiate, the path to balance, pleasure, purpose and connection manifests at your feet.

My art is a reminder to see yourself. As you move within your journey, you shift your perceptions–of yourself, of women, and the world. You reflect others, and others reflect you. You reflect your entire self.

As an artist, I commit those reflections to paper, allowing the energy of the collective feminine to infuse me with vibration. I’m a translator. I’m a storyteller. I’m the mirror.

Come inside. Explore some artwork. See what moves you. I’ll be with you for as long as you want, and you can share anything with me.

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