(Photo by Darkstar Creates.)

You are SEXY, sacred, and worthy of being worshipped.
When’s the last time you said this to yourself? Never?
You are RADIANT! If there is part of you that knows this, it’s time to embrace her. If there is part of you that resists this, it’s time to UNSILENCE her.
The Sacred Self-Love mini retreat is a chance to draw up all of your self-love from within and let it flow.
It’s an invitation to:
• Look at yourself from a heart-centered, compassionate perspective
• Explore what comes up (we’re not used to giving ourselves this much attention!)
• Gently reactivate the sacred, sensual spark within you
• Align yourself with your desires
While doing this, we’re going to start jiggling free the part of you that doesn’t think she deserves all of this so that your judgment and guilt can be released.
We’re healing the part of you that has been ignored for a while. The one that has gotten as good as she’s going to get at “adulting” and is wondering who she is at the core.
We’re going back to your playful, sensual self. The one that’s passionate. The one that’s confident. And, yes, the one that’s sexy.

What to Expect

We’ll spend the morning exploring our relationship with ourselves, our senses and our bodies through guided meditations, sharing, rituals and creative movement.

Then, we’ll enjoy a delicious lunch together.

In the afternoon, you’ll get a chance to assimilate what you’ve learned. You’ll have a private mini-boudoir session with Darkstar Creates. Then, you’ll get to take your own sensual self-love selfies.

Don’t be nervous—by that time, you’ll be ready to unleash your amazing-ness onto your own camera. The morning activities will warm you up for this exact moment. You’ll even learn how to feel comfortable posing in sensual positions for the camera Hint: You’re already a natural! (You’ll be taking your selfies in complete privacy).

What You’ll Get

• A renewed sense of who you are at the core
• Professional tips and practice for taking sexy photos
• One self-love portrait from one of your photographs
• Three digital files of your boudoir pics

What You Need to Know

If this sounds a little exciting, slightly tantalizing, but a little uncomfortable, you’re READY.

It is not my aim to make you feel uncomfortable (although healing isn’t always easy). Transformation can be scary. Therefore, I’ve designed this retreat to feel cozy, intimate and welcoming. We’ll move slowly as we open your mind to the idea that you deserve to fully honor yourself.

This retreat will ease you into the idea of sacred self-love like slipping into a warm bath. You’ll explore your full potential creatively, sensually, gently and with compassion.

When you leave, you’ll feel empowered to:
• Be exactly who you are, no matter what role you’re filling at the moment.
• Embrace the strong, brilliant creative woman that you are.
• Tap into your full potential and express it with confidence.
• Connect with your sensual self to unleash your creativity, tap into your intuition and establish a sense of flow in your life.

Whether or not you’ve already had a self-love portrait painted, come and explore the journey with guidance, support, and the magical energy of sistership.

The retreat will be held at a peaceful, private home off of Carolina Beach Road near Monkey Junction. Address details will be sent in your confirmation email.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!