Are you the type of person who always says things like:

You would not believe the long week I’ve had.

I’m totally swamped right now.

Have you ever stopped to think how those statements are affecting the way you feel about life?

Yes, that’s right—they are holding you down. It’s those statements that are making you feel overwhelmed.

Be Who You Choose To Be

this is who you choose to be

Do you really want to be the type of person who is constantly complaining about all the shit that you have to do? If you are, then you’re always going to feel like complaining about all the shit that you have to do.

Listen. You are a mom. You are doing it. You are rocking it. I would hazard a bet that you are actually thriving, even if you feel like arguing with me about it. You’re a good mom, and you’re handling this like a fucking rock star.

You could either feel like that, or you could keep complaining about it and bring yourself down like 100 levels.

I’m going to go one step deeper and hazard a guess that you actually like some of this overwhelm. You like to be busy. You like to challenge yourself.

Sure, life could let up on you every once in a while, but you kind of thrive in this atmosphere. So why are you telling yourself that you don’t?

This Is What You’re Saying To Keep Yourself Feeling *Ugh* About Life

feeling ugh

I do this. I do this every week when someone asks me to hang out with them.


Friend: “Want to come over for a playdate and drink wine?”

Me: “I can’t. I’m slammed with work right now.”

Slammed with work? Well that sounds awful. And overwhelming.

Here’s the thing: I love to work. Half of the work that I do is freelance writing for clients. I don’t always love the topics that I write about, but it keeps my skills honed, and I enjoy the challenge. The other half of the work I do is this. It’s my life coaching business. I absolutely freaking LOVE doing this. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m really not slammed with work. I’m choosing to busy myself with it.

I would guess that a lot of times, if someone challenged you after you make your broad, negative statement, you might retract your words a little bit:
“No, no, I mean it’s not all that bad.”

So why do you say it in the first place?

Focus On The Bliss

focus on the bliss

So what if next time you’re about to tell someone that you’ve had a really fucking long week, that you’ve been slammed and you can’t imagine adding anything else to your list, or organizing yourself to be able to go out with friends, or getting the motivation to go to a playdate, what if you just say:

“I’m just really excited to stay home and relax today.”

Because that’s ultimately it. In many ways, you’re choosing the life that keeps you busy. And if you want to choose to hole up in the comfort of your home, you should. In fact, you deserve it. Everybody needs a break, no matter how much they choose to put on their plate.

Imagine how blissful your life might sound if you focused on the fact that you’re choosing to give yourself that much-needed space instead of focusing on how busy you are when you don’t have space?

Wow. That’s amazing, right?

Here’s a little reminder that you can pin and use as an affirmation or share with a friend who needs this right now:

focus on the bliss