With the sunshine and warmer breezes of spring comes renewed energy. How often do you get the urge to do a little spring cleaning as soon as the weather turns a little warmer? You become more motivated and you get excited to spruce things up. The darkness and comfort of winter transform into a desire to live in a cleaner, simplified, more organized space.

How often do you start on your spring cleaning, only to become overwhelmed within a few days? All of a sudden, you’re wondering why you don’t have a maid and why you told yourself you wanted to accomplish so much in the first place.
Maybe it’s because spring cleaning involves more than just scouring your house. If you don’t spring clean your mindset, you’ll eventually be back in the same rut that you always fall into.

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, the experts say that diets don’t work and real transformation requires a lifestyle shift. It’s the same with spring cleaning. You might get motivated for a few days, and you might get the house sparkling and decluttered, but eventually you’ll lose that burst of energy, and the piles of laundry will cover the couch again.

What if you could make a few mindset shifts to turn over a new leaf? (It’s funny—as I was writing the word “leaf” just now, I typed it as “life” by mistake. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake–by spring cleaning your mindset, you could be turning over a new life, not just a new leaf.)

What do you want to achieve with spring cleaning?

When it comes to spring cleaning, what do you really want to achieve? Do you really care whether there’s dust on your baseboards, or does that dust represent something bigger? Take a moment to stop and consider what feelings you’re actually trying to evoke. Will decluttering make you feel more peaceful? Will getting back to a fresh slate make you feel like you have less to do every day to maintain balance?

What’s your vision for this spring?

We often complete our day-to-day routines blindly, and without thinking about where they’re leading us. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm or being stuck in a rut. Think about it: If you’re spinning your wheels all day long without a destination in mind, will you really feel productive? Take time to create a vision for the spring. This can involve a tangible goal you’d like to achieve or simply an intention for how you’d like to live your life. Creating a vision is like creating the life you’d like to live so that your daily actions can help you get there.

One way to create a vision is to clear your mind. This Spring Equinox guided meditation can help you stop the thoughts that are swirling through your mind in order to help you create a vision for this season.

What are your limiting thoughts or behaviors?

Spring cleaning is like a microcosm of your overall mindset. How you approach it can represent how you approach other things in life. Become aware of your thoughts and actions surrounding spring cleaning.

• Do you get excited to start and never finish?
• Do you read all the articles and blog posts about spring cleaning but never actually do it?
• Do you wave your hand at the whole idea because you just don’t have enough time?
• Does the thought of scrubbing down every surface in your house overwhelm you?

Noticing how you respond to the idea of spring cleaning can give you insight into how you respond to other opportunities in your life.

If you take some time to quickly answer the questions above, it will help you shift your mindset and take action when it comes to these other opportunities. It may feel uncomfortable, and you may feel like you don’t want to dig deep and come up with the answers. That discomfort you feel means that something is shifting in your brain. It’s something to work towards.

Do you want to shift your mindset and transform your life this spring?

Share your answers to the following questions in the comments below or on the Make Your Perfect Facebook page. It’ll get you to actually do the work and start that lifestyle shift that’s necessary to get you out of the winter rut.

1). What would you like to achieve with spring cleaning? This is usually a specific emotion or intention.
2). What is your vision for this spring?
3). What limiting thoughts or behaviors do you want to change this spring?

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