1. Wake up on your own terms
    One of the worst things in the world is a rude awakening. Literally. Little people shouting at you to wipe their butts. It seems like it would be the worst thing ever, but what if you could wake up just 5 minutes before your kids? So you can wipe your own butt before wiping theirs? It would be a nice reminder to take care of yourself first thing in the morning.
  2. Take care of your needs first
    Speaking of taking care of yourself, it’s easy to lose yourself in all the giving if you don’t give yourself what you need. Take a shower and make your coffee or lunch the night before, so in the morning, you can give freely to your kids without resentment. Your shit is already taken care of.
  3. Write in a journal regularly
    For one minute. Five minutes. It doesn’t have to be long or a lot. But it’s one of the first steps to devoting time to yourself.
  4. Write down 3 things you’re excited for today
    When every day starts off with stinky feet in your face, it’s easy to see how it can all go downhill from there. Take a second to jot down the good stuff and it will stick with you for the rest of the day.
  5. Drink enough water
    If you’re dehydrated, you can feel irritable and nauseous. And that can make you a real bitch, even when you don’t mean to be. Make yourself feel good and you’ll want to feel good.
  6. Move your body
    We all know exercise helps our brains as well as our bodies. Just sit on the floor and stretch. Do some isometric exercises. Practice your splits. Just get off the couch and you’ll feel revived and want to continue that feeling.
  7. Get off of Facebook
    Social media is ludicrously about everyone else. You’re trying to reconnect with yourself. Start by staying off Facebook for an hour. See what it does for you.
  8. Turn off your phone for an hour
    Hell—you might as well use time wisely.
  9. Take a shower
    It’s such a simple thing you can do for yourself, but when you can’t smell the stink, you’ll feel like hanging out with yourself more.
  10. Take a bath
    Preferably with a glass of wine. Lie in the water and put your ears under the surface. Zone out while listening to the amplified sound of whatever goes on under your house. (At least, this is what I’m always imagining when I do this). It will help you tune out the outside world and tune into yourself.
  11. Close your eyes and aim your face at the sun
    We could all use a little extra Vitamin D, and sunning ourselves feels luxurious. And when you do luxurious things for yourself, you tell yourself you deserve them. And you do.
  12. Get a manicure
    speaking of luxury, you deserve it.
  13. Get a massage
    I mean, while you’re at everything else. After all, the wonder woman you are is worthy of indulgence.
  14. Take deep breaths
    Deep breathing instantly calms the mind and the nervous system, setting you up to enjoy life a little more.
  15. Say no more often
    Without guilt. No one expects you to do everything. You deserve choices.
  16. Say yes more often
    When you always say no or make excuses, surprise yourself and say yes. It might be exactly what you needed.
  17. Close your eyes
    The world can be overstimulating, and reconnecting with yourself only requires you. Tune it all out for a second. Enjoy yourself.
  18. Stay still for a moment
    We are so busy moving and doing. Stop what you’re doing and focus on keeping your body quiet. You’ll have a moment to connect with how you’re feeling in that instance.
  19. Look more closely at something you normally overlook
    Does the same routine drag you down? Vow to be more observant during your morning commute or when dropping the kids off at school. You’ll practice the skill of connecting with the world around you, which helps you become more mindful of yourself, too.
  20. Smell something that makes you feel nostalgic
    Nothing brings you back to who you are more than memories. Break out the vanilla-scented cardboard tree that used to hang from your rearview mirror and remember when all it took to reconnect was a long drive, a cigarette, and some Tracy Chapman on the radio.
  21. Look at old pictures
    Remember how your prom dress matched your personality exactly (as well as your turquoise eyeshadow)? Remember the moments that are a part of your history. They make you who you are today.
  22. Read an old journal
    I mean, if you really want to get into who you are today, there’s nothing better than remembering the insecurities and triumphs of the past.
  23. Read a novel
    I find that after reading a good book, I become more mindful and start narrating things that are going on in my life. “She stood at the open front door, fumbling for her keys, as the soggy milk carton soaked through the grocery bag, leaving her with two screaming toddlers and a heap of ingredients on the porch. She sighed as she sat down and tore open the bag of chips.” {I’ll always keep you up to date with what I’m reading in the sidebar of this website, too… maybe it will inspire you!}
  24. Read a romance novel
    Reconnect with feelings that used to be a part of you but you thought might have disappeared forever. Maybe this will also help you reconnect with someone else {ahem, ahem.}
  25. Flip through a magazine
    It’s almost the perfect way to disconnect, but it’s a great way to remember that the trivialities of life can also make you smile or inspire you.
  26. Walk barefoot in the rain
    It’s perfectly cooling and soothing, and connecting with nature brings you back to your primal self. Plus, it will make you feel like a kid again, bringing back all that childlike excitement that’s so hard to access as an adult.
  27. Ask new friends interesting questions
    Tell the truth: when you’re hanging out with other moms, has talking about your kid’s picky eating habits or nighttime struggles gotten old? Our kids are amazing, adorable, and constantly growing and changing, but OMG I am so tired of talking about what brand of chicken nugget your kid eats. I feel like less and less of a person each time. Feed your own need for connection by surprising another mom and asking her about her interests, where she went to college, anything other than what healthy meals she feeds her kids. Click here to read more about making new friends at the park.
  28. Do something you’ve never done
    You may something new to do with yourself.
  29. Do something you’re afraid to do
    Overcoming fears is an instant confident booster. And when you’re more confident, you’re more likely to be honest with yourself and others.
  30. Do something that comes really easy to you
    Nothing makes you more at ease than doing something you know you’re good at. Life doesn’t always have to be a challenge. Find your flow.
  31. Call a good friend
    Sometimes, reconnecting with ourselves involves connecting with those we love. Share your journey to reconnect with yourself with a great friend who really supports you.
  32. Take 20 minutes to partake in a hobby
    There’s stuff you like to do, right? That doesn’t involve My Little Ponies, Frozen, or Legos? You don’t need hours on end to do your hobby (which is good, because you don’t have hours on end anymore). Just do something you love for 20 minutes. You’ll feel more productive and happier for the rest of the day.
  33. Take 20 minutes to find a hobby
    Has it been so long that you don’t even know if you have a hobby anymore? You don’t need hours to find one. Get on Pinterest, Creativebug.com, or Craftsy.com and find something that piques your interest. Then take action and do it. For 20 minutes. Short enough that surely you have the time, but long enough to show you care.
  34. Plan a vacation
    It doesn’t matter if you’re going to take it in 4 months or 40 years. Plan it. Go crazy.
  35. Go window shopping by yourself
    Don’t talk to anyone, don’t have a list of things you have to buy for people, just grab a coffee or an ice cream and stroll down the sidewalk, enjoying window displays and people-watching without someone pulling on your leg.
  36. Go for a hike
    We don’t get back to nature enough. You don’t need hills or equipment. Just go for a long walk in the woods. Breathe in the fresh air. It’s one of the most grounding things you can do for yourself.
  37. Put on comfortable shoes, walk out your front door, and take a leisurely stroll
    If you don’t have a nearby forest, just walk along your neighborhood.
  38. Lay on the grass and make imaginary shapes out of the clouds
    The last time you did this, you were probably a kid. Or high. Either way, it made you happy. Let yourself go and get happy again.
  39. Do a handstand
    There is something about being upside down that puts everything in a different perspective. It’s instantly rejuvenating and revitalizing, and you’ll have more energy when you’re right side up again.
  40. Hang off the side of your bed and pretend your house turned upside down and you can walk on the ceiling
    Really picture it. Wouldn’t it be weird to step over every door frame? Strange how something so simple can seem so new and exciting. You’ll have a totally new vantage point on life.
  41. Jump on a trampoline
    This brings about a new vantage point and a feeling of flying, but it’s so reassuring how you always come back down to earth.
  42. Dance to your favorite song
    It’s the cliché instant happiness booster.
  43. Do Zumba
    You don’t have to watch yourself while you do it. Wiggling your hips will bring your sexy back.
  44. See how many times you can bounce a ping pong ball into the air off of the paddle
    It’s insanely addicting and will help you focus. You will think of nothing else. Clear your mind and get back to yourself.
  45. Learn to play the ukulele
    Even if you’re the world’s least musical person, this will boost your confidence. You Tube makes it super easy, and the ukulele even sounds amazing in my 5 year old’s hands.
  46. Create a vision board
    This is the grown-up version of making an old-school collage on a piece of posterboard with photos of you and your drunk friends goofing off.
  47. Spin around until you’re dizzy
    We’re so used to steady upright motion that we forget how fun it is to deliberately throw ourselves off. Get used to consciously propelling yourself spontaneously off the prescribed path.
  48. Go to bed early
    If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel off no matter what. And chances are you rarely get enough sleep. So when you get the chance, get to bed early. Just doing this once every few months will help you feel like you’re doing something for yourself and start the next day off on the right foot.
  49. Practice mindfulness meditation
    I know, it seems kind of out there, and you probably feel like you wouldn’t have time to meditate even if you did know how to do it. But there are tons of mindfulness meditation scripts on YouTube that you can play when you’re going to sleep—a time when you wouldn’t be doing anything else anyway. Here’s one of my favorites.
  50. Declutter
    It’s hard to focus on reconnecting with yourself when there’s constant physical clutter surrounding you. Remove some stuff from your environment and you’ll have less stuff in your brain and more time to use the space that’s left.
  51. Do something really nice for someone else
    You know how you always feel like you don’t have time for yourself? Find it for someone else. Cook a meal for a new mom, or write a thank you note for something random and kind that a friend did for you recently. When you realize you have time for others, you won’t be able to deny that you have it for yourself.

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51 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself