Yesterday, I told you about why I closed Make Your Perfect in September. Now is the part of the story where I tell you why I came back and what you’re going to get out of this whole saga.

At first, I felt like coming back was a little shameful. Like I had my tail between my legs. Like I was nervous about what you would think of me, being all wishy-washy and inconsistent and stuff.

It was hard to admit that sometimes I can be wishy-washy, and I started having feelings like I wasn’t a worthy human being because I couldn’t just commit to things like my business without taking a million different paths to get to my goal.

Have I even reached my goal? I’m not sure. I’m still enjoying these snaking, meandering paths.

This journey IS my goal.

For a long time, I felt like my message about Make Your Perfect wasn’t clear. God, I took business courses and worked with all kinds of branding people to work on my elevator speech, my tagline, my answer to “What can I do for you?”

And it never felt quite right.

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to get clear about this over the past few months, and I know exactly what I’m here to do.

Remember how I had been feeling resentment toward the financial aspect of MYP?

Remember how I was worried that I wasn’t spending enough time assimilating what I was learning on my own?

Well, while I was gone, I REALLY MISSED YOU GUYS. I also had the strong feeling that I was missing something. Something other than you guys. After the hurricane, there were so many people helping out in the community. After I finally made it back, I helped some friends clean up their yard, but I found myself totally overwhelmed by the huge need in our community. I started to feel a really huge urge to volunteer somewhere. To do something. To help. And then I realized:

Make Your Perfect is my act of service.

Once I realized that, I felt a whoooosh of energy. I needed it back. I needed to reach out to you again.

Make Your Perfect is how I help. And that’s part of my life’s purpose.

I know that we all often feel like we’re not doing enough. To help our kids, our communities, politics, the world… but we each have such a specific part to play, and the only way to really know what that is is to really listen. And feel.

That’s your purpose. And then everything just falls into place.

Make Your Perfect is my purpose. (Maybe I should call it Make Your Purpose).

And I’ve been limiting myself with it.

I’ve been calling it a business. It’s not. It’s a space that we hold for each other. Each person who reads a blog post, shares in the Facebook group, participates in a workshop, enjoys a piece of artwork or attends a retreat shares in this. Together, we create more than a community. We create a collective.

So that’s what Make Your Perfect is. It’s a collective where we can all open up and share. And I’m here to share my life so that you can fully express yourself in yours.

I’m that person whose mother always reprimanded me, saying “Gaby! We don’t talk about those things in public.”

Well, I talk about them. It’s in this total openness that we find connection, that we explore our wholeness, that we heal.

When you hang out here, on my website or in the MYP Powerhouse Collective Facebook group, at a retreat, or just in my living room with my dog trying to lick your eyeball, you’re going to come across discussion, ceremony, ranting, council, art and experimentation.

That’s what this life, this purpose, this utter magic, is all about.

In my next blog post, I’m going to give you the clear lineup of what you can get from all of this. Stay tuned.