Hello, hello!!! Welcome to fall: the season of enchantment, transition, flow and self-reflection. {I just made that up. That’s just what fall means to me.} It’s also the season where the weeds in my garden turn yellow! How purdy!

I know I’ve been away for a while. So I’m going to tell you a little story.

I take the summers off. And I’m good with that. Actually, this summer, I ran my FIRST EVER virtual summer camp, which was a 3-month program to infuse summer with a little magic, a little self-care and a lot of potential. It was AMAZING. What was really impressive was how everyone moved forward at their own pace, finding snippets of space in the overwhelm of motherhood, sensing where the magic lies so that they could explore it further, and putting aside expectations and excuses to just do THEM.

So I did work this summer, but I devoted my time to the women in that group. Don’t worry, your time will come… THERE WILL BE MORE PROGRAMS LIKE THAT. I PROMISE.

But, now that it’s a new season, I wanted to regroup, refocus, and send you this letter.

To clarify some stuff and get you excited about life again.

Because, let’s face it—your kids are adorable, but they’re not cute enough to bring you that mind-blowing, orgasm-inducing (yep), breathe-it-all-in, fall-to-your-knees-with-gratitude, free-yourself-like-a-fucking-butterfly fulfillment.

Am I right? If I’m wrong, can you please send those kids over to my house?

I was telling a friend about what I do a few weeks ago. And this is what I said:

“I teach moms how to quit making cliché excuses about motherhood and grab life and fucking shake it, and then step into it and go.”

And then I was like, OMG, why am I not USING this phrase ALL THE TIME?

Because that is what I do.

  • I teach moms how to quit making excuses so that they quit living in a rut they call “life.” [see the quotation marks? That’s not living, mama.]
  • I show moms how to take baby steps to move from blah to fucking magnificent.
  • I help moms access their true selves so they can give no fucks about the stupid shit and give all the fucks about the stuff that makes their hearts full of that flutter of vivacity.

Let me tell you something:

I’m not a true “coach.” I’m not trained as a coach, and I get kind of sick of listening to people whine about the same things over and over without making moves to change them.

But I’ve worked with mothers for 8 years, as a certified Lamaze instructor, a business owner in the community, and just an approachable fucking woman who keeps it real and is willing to hear you out and share with you. I also come from a background in psychology and art, which makes me the perfect person to help YOU connect with your own authenticity through creativity, pleasure and flow.

I’m all about sharing resources, connecting in an authentic, vulnerable way, and bringing our lights together to make this world a better place for all of us. Now let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

And that brings me to what Make Your Perfect can do for you.

I bring to you the gift of curiosity and the ability to see things clearly. Those are my superpowers.

People are CONSTANTLY asking to pick my brain or find out what resources I have used to learn all that I have learned to bring me to where I am today.

And I LOVE that. Because you recognize that all these resources are available to you. You just have no idea where to get them, or where to start, or how to organize them.

Here’s the thing: I am a mother, just like you. I hate my kids at least 80% of the time, just like you. I also love them 80% of the time, just like you. (I see the overlap there; I’m not THAT terrible at math. It’s just that nothing in motherhood is cut and dry).

Here’s how I’m different: I have an INSATIABLE curiosity. Like, I might be borderline insane.

Everyone always tells me, “You’re so talented!” Because I do a lot. I’m not kidding—in my life, I have been an actress, a singer, an artist, an illustrator, a songwriter, a violinist, a writer, a poet, a dancer, a mystic, a yogi, a gymnast… I am still all of these things. They come up throughout my life consistently, popping up in different forms, and they are what fulfills me.

And I’m not really that talented. I’m quite mediocre at most of this stuff. It’s just that I’m better than you at it because you haven’t tried it. I’m just curious. I dabble. I learn something new every day. And I take action on it every day.

And it’s BECAUSE of my unquenchable thirst for discovery that I have come across resources that many people simply haven’t noticed yet. I will try anything once. And often, I bounce back and forth between several things, cultivating them as I move down my journey.

I know that you probably do this too. And you probably judge yourself for not following through, for feeling unfocused, for not honing in on just one path, one skill or one piece of development. Well, you’re on to something, because sticking with one thing is NOT LIVING.

So let me wind down on this long, long story and get to the point.

  • You want to wake up feeling like you have hope for the day instead of crushing dread.
  • You want to stop feeling numb and angry and resentful about your kids and your life and make every second count.
  • You want to get butterflies in your stomach again when you think about your partner (or anything, really).
  • You want to be able to bounce back from the devastating stress that seems to surround motherhood.
  • You want to feel totally, completely and overwhelmingly enchanted by life. You didn’t even realize that until I just said it. Because you’ve locked that possibility away deep in your womb. It’s like you traded motherhood for the potential for utter pleasure and bliss.

Well, I’m telling you that it is possible. I have been where you are, mama. I am still there during some moments. Because I’m human. But those moments are few and far between, and even when they’re there, I recognize them as a fire that’s part of this amazing journey of life.

You want to pick my brain? You want the resources? This is your chance. Stick the fuck around. Don’t go anywhere.

What can you expect from MYP this fall?

  • LOTS of sharing. I share a lot of my daily routines and creative endeavors (the things that make me madly blissful) on my Instagram.
  • We will also do lots of sharing in the MYP Powerhouse Collective. Yes, you can join! I’d be honored, actually. It’s a FREE Facebook group, and you can join by clicking here.
  • You’ll get lots of small snippets of tips and hacks that I have used throughout motherhood to get to this place of inner knowledge and bliss (yep, more sharing!) Follow me on Facebook to get notified when I have a new blog post up.
  • I’m putting together tons of free resources that you can use to find YOUR bliss.
  • You’ll be the first to know when I launch the online course that will set the foundation for all the incredible, fulfilling work that you’re going to be doing. IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. So I’ll keep you posted, K? One thing at a time.

As you can see, I’m really freaking excited. This is not just you feeling this… so many women all over the world are experiencing this drive to reach in and grab hold of their true selves, and it’s really exhilarating. I can’t wait to help you do that too!

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