I’m absolutely dying to tell you about the MAGIC that has happened today!

It all started last night when I felt a strong urge to be HONEST, specifically with the women in the MYP Powerhouse Collective group. I had no idea what I needed to be honest about, though. I wrote like 3 different posts and deleted them.

I went to bed feeling like I needed to DO something. I ended up reading up about this upcoming full moon and then doing a guided meditation as I fell asleep. I literally told myself, “I am going to wake up in the morning with a new perspective. I am actually going to look at myself differently in the mirror tomorrow.”

When I woke up, something had shifted. I didn’t even realize it for a while.

I went about my day, making coffee, getting the kids ready, taking them to school. When I got back, I knew what I had to do.

I had to be honest IN THE GROUP about the fact that I WASN’T feeling magical. I was kind of stuck in a rut, and I didn’t feel like I had any inspiration or wisdom to provide, so I had been staying away from the group.

As I prepped to do a live video in the group, I realized exactly what needed to happen. In addition to admitting to my tribe that I was feeling less than magical, I needed to go through my own formula.

I needed to practice what I preach.

I decided that for the next few days—which are going to be energetically intense and especially meaningful surrounding the full moon on Wednesday—I was going to be really open in the group about doing the practices that I teach in order to reconnect with myself and get back on tract.

Baby Steps

Because I like to take baby steps, I figured I would start with one simple practice: Creating space.

I’m here to tell you about how that ballooned into a flow that made my day feel so easy and balanced.

It hasn’t even been the end of the first day, and already, SO MUCH MAGIC has happened. It is like the universe has literally unfolded, paths have been connected, and I am buzzing again.

Here is some of what happened:

1). I made space for the magic.

One of the first things I did was create physical space. My work area, which doubles as my altar and is where I go to meditate, draw and get inspired, was super cluttered. I decided to spend 5 minutes decluttering it.

I encountered HUGE resistance to this, though! While I was doing it, my mind felt even MORE cluttered and overwhelmed than it had before, and I had a couple of moments of unexplainable anxiety.

This ended up unfurling into a larger project. Although I kept telling myself I only needed to clean up for 5 minutes—just do the bare minimum—I ended up needing to open some mail, which catapulted into the need to call the bank to change an email address, which catapulted into needing to pay some bills, which catapulted into then having to file away a bunch of papers.

No big deal. What was supposed to take five minutes ended up taking an hour. But that’s ok, because I work in a secret few hours of nothingness into my day as a catch-all for situations like these.

By the time I was done creating physical space, I also had so much space in my brain.

2). I tuned into what I really needed.

After I cleaned up, I had about 3.75 hours before I had to leave to pick up the kids. Last night, I had been telling myself that I really didn’t have that much work to do, and I could paint all day. I haven’t zoned out with my paints in a while, and I KNOW that I need to get creative. And soon.

But I found myself  floundering. I remembered a couple of administrative things I had to do for MYP and my new business, Enflowered. I also had a few emails to answer.

I decided to implement one of my favorite awareness practices as I did those things. Sometimes, instead of scheduling my day, I use my planner or the notes function on my phone to record what I did as or after I did it.

It becomes such a great tool for bringing awareness to how you spend your time so that days stop getting away from you and you can realistically assess how much you have to do.

As I wrote down what I had already done today, time seemed to line up. All of a sudden, it became clear to me that I would feel SO much better if I did a little freelance writing (yet another business that I have).

Now, this can become a slippery slope if you consistently put off the things that you’re longing to do for pleasure until you’re done with your to-dos. But I wasn’t planning on finishing all of the work I had to do. I told myself I would write two articles,  and then I could really relax and do some more meditative, pleasurable, creative stuff.

How did I make sure that I didn’t go overboard? I set a timer. I set a goal to write a certain number of words every 15 minutes, and I set the timer four times to make sure that I could get my articles done in an hour. This not only encouraged me to work faster, but it helped me set a boundary and force myself to stop and switch gears when the hour was up.

When I was done, I felt so much less anxious about my to-do. I had done what I needed to feel satisfied in that category of life. It was time to turn to my creative pursuits.

But first, let me tell you about this magic thing that happened. As I was finishing up my writing, several more writing orders rolled in, making me feel abundant about my finances this week.

3). I connected with my body.

As I was switching gears from work mode to magic mode, I turned on some music. All of a sudden, I felt a strong urge to hula hoop. Just for one song. I grabbed the hoop out of the garage and twirled around my living room for a couple of minutes.

Instantly, I was revived. I was warm, I was breathing, and I was feeling all of my muscles. Plus, I felt the pleasure of flow, that feeling I get when I dance, in every cell of my body. By this point in the day, I felt so calm and balanced. My mind, which had been full of overwhelm, resistance and frustration this morning, was totally in an open, clear flow.

4). I connected with the universe.

At this time, a couple of things happened. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 1:11. I’ve been seeing repeated numbers all over the place lately. I see them as signs that my messengers, or the universe, or Spirit—whatever you want to call it—is telling me that I am on the right track.

I also decided that I really wanted to do a meditation to connect with my inner child. This was something that I had been really in tune with several months ago, but I hadn’t given my inner child much thought recently. Something told me that today was the day, and I listened.

But as I prepared to find the meditation I wanted to do, I came across some information about the upcoming full moon. I stopped to read it, and it resonated so much with everything that was going on that I took notes.

As I read, I noticed a HUGE synchronicity. The article that I was reading informed me that one of the major themes going on with the full moon and lunar eclipse this week is the release of negative energy that you’ve been holding onto through your inner child.


It was no coincidence that I had an urge to do some inner child work. So of course, I did it.

5). Flow happened.

After my meditation, I decided to pull my tarot cards. This post has already gotten long, so I’m not going to go into everything I pulled. But let me just tell you that it was DEAD ON.

One of the main themes of the readings was that although I need to stand by my convictions and look at deeply rooted beliefs from a different perspective, the best way to control what happens in my life is to surrender to the flow, because I am firmly entrenched on the right path right now.

With this on my mind, I left the house ten minutes late to pick up the kids. I have a small window in which to pick them up, and I would normally be a little anxious and drive a little too fast to get them if I left the house this late. But for some reason, I didn’t feel that today.

In fact, when I was ¾ of the way to school, I realized that I HADN’T been hustling or looking at the clock (and I told myself that maybe I should if I wanted to get there on time). When I looked at the clock, I realized I was golden. I had plenty of time, and I wasn’t going to be late.

It was like the universe was affirming everything that I had just pulled in my tarot reading.

That leaves me where I am right now… writing this blog post. If you’re reading this post in real time and want to get in on the magic, click here join the MYP Powerhouse Collective group on FB right now! It’s a tribe of women who are doing the work to reconnect with themselves and make their lives feel like magic, and it’s free. If you’re already in the group, head over there and tell me what kind of magic happened for you today!