Do You Have Your Shit Together? Results


You’re a planner.

Congratulations for learning a little more about yourself. Does this sound like you?

  • You feel out of control if you don’t plan everything down to a T.
  • You beat yourself up when you forget to plan something.
  • Or you beat yourself up when you veer from your plan.
  • You can’t even go to bed at night feeling peaceful without planning.

But all this planning is not always effective.

And it’s taking up extra time in your day whether it’s effective or not. What’s the point of wasting all that planning time if you still feel completely overwhelmed and guilty?

Plus, be honest with yourself: How often do you even stick to the plan?

Planning helps you feel balanced, but you don’t know how to function when something goes wrong. And you STILL don’t feel like your life is peaceful or balanced. You plan for so many other people that you forget to plan to take care of yourself.

So What Are You Going to Do About This?

Find more balance and ditch the guilt by following along with the 12 Days of Getting Your Sh*t together challenge.

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New Year’s resolutions ain’t got nothin’ on you.

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