Do You Have Your Shit Together? Quiz Results

You're wishy-washy

You’re wishy-washy.

Congratulations for learning a little more about yourself. Does this sound like you?

  • Sometimes you’re organized, sometimes you’re not.
  • You have your good days and your bad days.
  • You can feel totally productive for a week, and then you drop the ball and feel like a total lazy ass.
  • It’s hard to get up the motivation to be productive when you feel completely disorganized, but it’s hard to keep up the momentum of organization.
  • You feel pressure to be more of a planner.

Sometimes planning just seems to be too much and you realize your life really isn’t all that different when you let the chaos resume.

So you continue to go back and forth without balance.

You judge yourself for not being the organized person you really want to be, but you also wish you could be more spontaneous and enjoy life a little more.

So What Are You Going to Do About This?

Find more balance and ditch the guilt by following along with the 12 Days of Getting Your Sh*t together challenge.

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New Year’s resolutions ain’t got nothin’ on you.

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