It’s almost Valentine’s Day. So this February, I’m running a whole love theme. I’ve written before about why your Mother’s Day always sucks.

I’m going to give you the same kind of eye-opening advice about Valentine’s Day.

Ok, so are you dreading it? Are you always disappointed on February 14? Do you never get what you want?

Do you know why?

Because you don’t ask for what you want.

I know what you’re thinking: My spouse should just KNOW what I want.

You know what? Your spouse can’t read your mind. I don’t care how connected you want to feel with your spouse, how many hints you’ve been sending out, how long you have been together.

They don’t know what you’re really thinking unless you tell them.

This is your chance. You have less than a week.

What do you want this Valentine’s Day?

  • Do you want time to yourself?
  • Do you want your spouse to surprise you by doing something adorable?
  • Do you want some foreplay?
  • Do you want your partner to do something to sweep you off your feet?

Ask for it. It will open up a door to some communication that you might really need.

The other side of this coin is: What are you going to do to make the day special? For yourself and/or for your partner.

This marriage business takes two. If you want to be swept off your feet, what are you doing to make that happen? If you’re shutting your husband down every time he tries to embrace you or snuggle with you, is that really what you want?

Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t going to achieve different results. So if you want this Valentine’s Day to be different, you have to do something different.

Here are 3 steps to take to make your perfect Valentine’s Day:

1). Get real with what you want. Even if you feel guilty for wanting it (like for wanting a dinner alone, without your spouse or your kids around).

2). Ask for what you want.

3). Give something a little different than what you’re used to giving.

Share in the comments below: What do you want this Valentine’s Day, and what are you going to do to get it?

what do you want this valentine's day